Creating Faux Hardwood Floors in the Doll House

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I’ve been busy on the doll house all week. What I’ve been doing hasn’t been all that visually interesting though! Priming, sanding, adding trim, sanding, staining, and more sanding.

I finished the faux hardwood floors for the family room, dining room, and kitchen yesterday. I think my results are decent for the first time doing this. I would use wood conditioner next time before staining so the stain color is more even on the wood.

I found a few different online tutorials to create faux hardwoods from plywood (the tutorials ranged from human sized floors to 1/12″ doll house floors). This is what I did to create the look of hardwood floors on the plywood base:

  • I used a long ruler and pencil to mark how I wanted the planks to look (making sure the pencil line was thick/dark).
  • I scored the lines with a blunt object (a paint can opener or an old flat head screwdriver) + the long metal ruler to keep the lines straight.
  • I distressed the floor with various tools (hammer, nails, metal brush, etc) to give it some character.
  • I used oil-based wood stain on the surface, following the direction.

The first picture shows the wood BEFORE adding polyacrylic sealer; the second picture is AFTER poly sealer.

Once the floors dried, I carefully taped around the wall/floor edge and covered the floor surface with brown paper to protect it. I’m going to cover the walls with “wall paper” (wrapping paper really) instead of painting, for a fun look. The brown stain on the wall will be hidden behind the wallpaper.

Today, I’m getting read to paint another coat of “banana leaf” on the pantry room walls. I picked the color to tie in with the dining room table chair cushions. I installed the pantry flooring already. The floor tiles are made from cut-up vinyl peel and stick “slate” tiles. I will grout tomorrow (grout material TBD).

If tomorrow goes as planned there will be colored paint on the exterior of the house!

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