Back in the Groove

I’ve been busy, busy, busy playing with my fabric and actually using my sewing machine. That makes me very happy. With the three girls to look after, there’s not a lot of time to devote to quilting and fabric play, but I squeeze in what I can, where I can.

In the past week, I got a lot done with the time I had. I cut fabric to make a doll quilt for a future birthday present (brown, pink and cream with a subtle bee and honeycomb theme).

Bees Cut Up

The quilt design is pretty straight forward, square in square. I plan to sew the quilt top together at the DMQG‘s Weekend Sew event next weekend.

I also cut the fabric to make Chelsea’s preschool nap quilt for next school year.

Sunny Shoo Fly

It will eventually be a shoo-fly block quilt (inspired by stichindye’s shoo fly quilts). The color palette (pinks, yellows, golds and greens) is based on the the fussy cut flower center of the shoo fly block. The fussy cut fabric is from Soiree (Meadow Paisley in Sun) by Lila Tueller for Moda.

Sunny Shoo Fly

One of the blocks may not have Soiree in the center because I goofed fussy cutting my fabric. I have more fabric, but it is slated for the back. To fix my mistake I’d have to cut into my remaining big piece and lose around 8 inches of length. Not sure that it is worth it. I might prefer to have one *off* shoo fly block on the front (either use a non-fussy cut piece of the Meadow Paisley fabric or find some other fussy cut flower to add in). We’ll see. I hope to start on this quilt top during the Weekend Sew Event.

And then I was also able to cut into my stash of Munki Munki fabric. My first project with it is to make a little doll quilt for Mallory. I fussy cut a little something from each of the MM fabrics I have plus I dipped into a couple of West Hill fabrics.

Munki Munki Quilt

It’s a nice little collection, if I do say so myself.

Munki Munki Quilt

Then I started pairing those cuttings with Kona solids to see what worked best with each illustration (I have “Bright” and “Dusty” Robert Kaufman roll-ups).

Munki Munki Quilt

And now I have a bunch of colorful squares. I trimmed them to 6 inches and since I have 20 squares, that will  make a ~22″ x ~27.5″ doll quilt.

Munki Munki Quilt :: WIP

Does that seem too big for a doll quilt? If so, should I just make it bigger to create more of a playmat? I could add white sashing to help increase size. I’m not sure what I’ll do. For now it’s up on the design wall until I can make up my mind.

And to wrap up my week with my fabric, I also was able to work on the April block for the Fussy Cut bee, but I did not take pictures yet.

I love being busy-busy with my fabric and scissors and sewing machine. 🙂

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  1. The munki quilt is going to be so great. Awesome colors – how fun. I don’ think that’s too big for a doll quilt. It’ll shrink some too with the first wash. Love it!

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