Creating Kit’s Attic Bedroom

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And so begins the build out for Kit’s attic bedroom. I found several Kit rooms to be inspired by online; specifically in samisays_ag’s video and AG Design | Craft | Create’s (aka Z. Kay) blog post.

I knew I wanted my  Kit’s room to have wood walls, similar to samisays_ag‘s room and Z. Kay‘s room. However, I wanted the back wall to mimic the back side of what lath and plaster walls look like.

Lath and plaster was a common building technique in the first half of the 20th century, so it’s very likely Kit’s house had lath and plaster interior walls. I’ve imaged her room in such a way that it is on-level with other rooms on the second floor in her house, thus the door in her room (like it’s a walk-out attic, not one accessible from a ladder only).

I used some leftover paint to paint the walls a dark color to cover the plywood in case it shows through the wall treatment.

I created the attic walls and ceiling using jumbo craft sticks (like tongue depressors), gallon paint stir sticks and 1/2″ x 3/4″ wood trim. I found the best prices for the paint stir sticks and wood trim at Home Depot.

I used several colors of water-base wood stains on the wood pieces to make the wood look aged. I picked dark browns, greys and mixes of those.

I snipped the curved ends off the craft sticks. I used my mitre saw to cut the end (handle part) off the paint stir sticks. This gave me rectangular wood pieces to put on the walls.

I used an all-purpose white caulk to messily adhere the craft sticks to the back wall so that it would look like plaster coming out from behind the “slats.”

The paint stir sticks are used on the ceiling and side walls. The larger stir sticks give the look of house siding from the back, hopefully!

I’ll use the fabric in the window to make curtains. The frames off to the side will be some of the extra household paraphernalia stored in the room along with Kit’s belongings. Disregard Kit’s nightstand… I bought this TLC nightstand on eBay and thought I could strip it and refinish it to make it look good again. For some reason, the existing finish on the nightstand didn’t come all the way off like it should. And then new stain wouldn’t take over the piece. I guess I can paint it now to give it a new life.

I used my favorite wood glue to adhere the paint stir sticks the walls/ceiling. This glue is thicker than regular wood glue and I think it does a better job of holding pieces together as they dry.

I used long cuts of the 1/2″ x 3/4″ trim pieces for wall studs or ceiling joists. I spaced the studs/joists to cover the seams where the craft sticks/paint stir sticks meet and used trim nails to adhere the studs/joists to the walls. I also added 1/2″ x 3/4″ trim horizontally between some of the studs, figuring Kit can store some of her knickknacks there (like in samisays_ag‘s Kit room).

Some supplies I used:

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