Little Zippered Pouches

Mallory, my oldest, just had a party to celebrate her fifth birthday. As much as I like planning an elaborate party, executing an elaborate party (and cleaning up after an elaborate party), just isn’t my thing, AT ALL. So, we went super simple this year with her party and that’s my plan for years to come with all birthday parties for the three girls (I learned my lesson last year)!

Princess Party
{ My girls are in the middle of each row }

Mallory is all about princesses these days, so we had a princess make-over party. The girls came dressed in their prettiest princess frocks and the moms did hair, painted nails and put on a little bit of make-up on the girls.

Zippered Pouches

I knew I wanted to make something for the girls to take away from the party and I decided on a little zippered pouch.  I referenced two tutorials to make these — Kelly‘s (kelbysews) and Anna‘s (noodlehead). Kelly’s tutorial is helpful in that it shows you how to finish the ends of the zipper so that it looks cleaner.

Zippered Pouches

Inside the pouch, I added some lip gloss and fingernail polish. Hopefully the girls can use these little bags to store their make-up-y things at home.

3 thoughts on “Little Zippered Pouches

  1. I bet the girls just loved the bags! They all looked so cute too! I enjoyed having you in my small group at Modern Guild last week…hope to see you next month!

  2. The bags AND the girls are too cute!! Yes, simple parties are the best. We instilled the party rule that our girls were “allowed as many guests as there were candles on the cake.” It helped more to fend off “all inclusive” teachers and pushy parents than it did limit the girls. They only have so many friends that they really play with anyhow. And it allowed me to, as you are, gift the guests. So glad the party was a success!

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