Last weekend I was lucky enough to spend several days with a great group of women at the annual retreat for the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild. My husband put on his Mr. Mom hat and took a couple days off work to take care of our girls (ages 5.5, 3.5 and 20 months) from Thursday morning to Sunday afternoon. And, when I got back home the house was clean. I think he is a better housewife than me! That doesn’t surprise me though because he’s a great dad and husband. I lucked out!

Seeing as how I haven’t been in the mood to quilt all.the.time. (which is generally my norm), I was very tempted to take non-quilty/-sewing projects to work on at the retreat.

Thankfully, I came to my senses and packed three QUILTING projects to work on. While there I completed two quilt tops (snippets of each shown above) and worked on more Liberty Stars. The best part of going to a retreat is getting to know my quilty friends even better. We laughed until we cried; stayed up way too late; ate too much; and collaborated to solve various quilting dilemmas. The next retreat can’t come soon enough!

[Kinder Quilt] Finished

I am not completely out of my quilt-funk, but I am feeling more quilt-y lately. I appreciate the kind comments and encouraging feedback from my last post. I truly feel like quilting is my ART and, like most artists, my desire to create ART waxes and wanes. I am comforted knowing that my mojo will be back.

Surprisingly, I have a finish to report. Who would have thunk?!

Before I post any pictures I have to apologize for the quality of the photos. I finished this quilt so close to my deadline that it was still slightly damp from washing it when the recipient received it. So, I had no time to take pictures prior to gifting it. These pictures were taken in a windowless fluorescent-filled-light classroom.

Receiving the quilt

I mentioned in my last post that I was putting together a baby quilt for my oldest daughter’s kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Hill. Prior to school starting, we found out Mrs. Hill was nine months pregnant. After that, it didn’t take long for me to come up with the idea to have the students help make a quilt for their teacher. Mrs. Hill had her baby right after school started and she just returned from maternity leave at the end of last month.

To personalize the quilt, I had the kids write their name on a pink or grey fabric square and I pieced those into the quilt top. I wanted the name blocks to blend into the quilt design (if you squint your eyes, they do!).

For my fabrics, I started with the Feather colorway of Red Letter Day and added other coordinating prints. I really like how the various fabrics work together. And I think the themes in the fabrics are appropriate for a kindergarten teacher: scissors, award ribbons (for the positive reinforcement required in the classroom setting), big ducks and little ducks (a teacher and her students), and text.

Interestingly, I would not have have used these fabrics together a year ago.

I’ve discovered that I inadvertently do something new with each quilt I make. With this quilt, several things happened:

  • I explored fabric selection beyond a single collection AND
  • I used fabric that I previously thought was too precious to cut into unless I had the *perfect* recipient and quilt design in mind AND
  • I did not try to find the print I was missing from the Feather color way (the OCD fabric hoarder in me loves to complete fabric collations).

How ’bout that… I’m maturing as a quilter!

[Kinder Quilt] Finished

For the back of the quilt, I had enough fabric that I didn’t have to piece it, but I needed to incorporate a light grey strip so I had a place for my labels.

I stamped all of the label information using a variety of stamps. I used my new stamp for the date and to provide more details in the ‘made by’ area.

I straight-line quilted in a horizontal-vertical grid and then diagonally through the non-name squares. I bound the quilt in the pink/grey stripe from RLD but didn’t get a close-up shot of that in my haste to get these shots.

Another project completed, many more to tackle!